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Frequently asked SEO questions and answers.

Organic search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising?
Internet marketing research and studies have proven time and time again that in the vast majority of cases, organic search engine optimization strategies (organic/natural SEO services) are far more cost effective than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Small businesses that depend upon PPC advertising to drive visitors to their website will find it increasingly difficult to gain ROI (Return on Investment) when they are paying on average of $0.75 to $2.95 PER CLICK for most non-hypercompetitive keyword terms. Also, the clickthrough rate and conversion of organic search rankings is significantly higher than clicks on PPC ads by as much as 70%.

Can't I just promote my website with Facebook or Twitter?
There is not doubt that social media, including Facebook and Twitter, can have a positive effect on your SEO and help you better connect with potential and existing customers. However, social media by itself without key SEO elements, will usually do very little to drive significant volumes of visitor traffic to your website.

How long will it take before I see SEO results?
This depends on many factors including the age of your website (newer sites take longer), the competitiveness of your industry (highly competitive industries take longer), and to some degree, the current whims of the search engine algorithms. Most small business sites targeting a local market area, can begin seeing results in as little as 60 days, whereas sites in more competitive industries or targeting larger markets may take six months or more to see significant results.

How important is my Google PageRank?
Google PageRank is the numeric value (between one and ten) given to your site by Google based primarily on link popularity (the number of links from other sites linking to yours). Google used this in the past as a major factor in their search algorithm. Today however, Google's search algorithm takes over 200 factors into account when determining search results. While it's nice to have a high Google PageRank, it's by no means the most important factor or sign of SEO success.

Which search engine is more important?
The majority of all searches on the internet are still done using Google. However, Bing and Yahoo! still provide large volumes of organic search traffic and should not be overlooked. You should never favor your optimization for one search engine over another, since all search engines change their algorithms. In other words, by optimizing for Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, you have a greater chance of receiving quality organic traffic to your website regardless of the search engines constantly changing algorithms.

How long do I have to do SEO?
SEO success requires ongoing efforts to maintain unless your content is truly one of a kind with zero competition - which is very unlikely. Keep in mind, that content is being added to the internet at an unbelievable rate, which means every second there is more web content that is vying for first page results in the search engines. If you want your website to remain competitive in the search engines, and establish a strong online presence, you have to accept that SEO is not a one time event. Effective SEO is truly an ongoing process that never ends.

What does SEO do for my website?
SEO is about much more than simply achieving high search engine rankings (although very important). Effective SEO will provide numerous benefits for your business, including building your online brand presence, establishing your company as an industry leader or expert, driving quality visitor traffic to your site, improving your conversion rate, and helping you connect with your customers.

How do I measure SEO success?
There are a few key ways to tell if your SEO is really successful. The first indicator is the kind of organic traffic growth you are seeing from the search engines. Effective SEO will produce additional visitor traffic to your site that should steadily increase over time. You can also look at your web analytics to see what types of keyword searches are driving organic traffic to your site. The biggest indication of SEO success is your conversion rate. Each individual business site can have a different conversion goal such as calling your company, visiting a store location, signing up for an online newsletter, etc. A higher conversion rate indicates that targeted traffic is being delivered to your site as a result of your search engine optimization marketing.

What does Puget SEO do to optimize my site?
Our SEO process begins with strategic keyword research to determine the most important keywords for your business. These are the words or phrases that people would type into a search engine when looking for the products or services your business offers.

Next, (if we're doing on-site optimization of your website) we make changes to your website that are barely noticeable (or completely invisible) to your visitors, but can completely change the way search engines rank your site. These changes can include changing your title tags, optimizing your internal link structure, changing or adding headings, and subtly adding keywords within your page body text if needed. If your site is relatively simple, we will be happy to make these changes ourselves (at no additional cost). If your site is more complex, or if you do not want us to touch the code of your site, we can provide easy to understand instructions for your web designer to make the changes.

Finally, we develop quality inbound links for your website to help the search engines better index and rank your content - and provide you with conversion-focused internet marketing recommendations to help you convert more of your site visitors into customers. Often it's the smallest overlooked changes that can have the biggest impact on your site's success.

How long will it take for Puget SEO to provide my SEO services?
Turnaround time from your payment being received to your services being provided is normally two weeks or less. For ongoing SEO services, our completed work is provided on a monthly basis.

Do you guarantee rankings?
We guarantee to do all work as promised to increase organic search traffic to your website. However, we cannot guarantee search engine rankings, nor can any other SEO company. If anyone tells you they can guarantee rankings they're steering you into serious trouble with the search engines. So while we can't guarantee your exact results, we regularly achieve first page search engine rankings for our clients and we intend to do the same for you.

Do you require contract agreements?
We don't believe in pushing you into a long-term contract. We don't like it when others do this to us, and we believe in treating you the way we want to be treated. Our goal is for you to want to work with us and for you to gladly refer us to others - not locking you into a contract.

How much does it cost?
It largely depends on the complexity of your site, the amount of changes that need to be made, and the competitiveness of your offering. Please refer to our
SEO pricing page for more details.

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